Using The Broker File Upload Tool

Navexa supports direct portfolio file uploads for 11 brokers. This guide shows you how to add your portfolio from CommSec, SelfWealth, SuperHero and more!

Using the broker file uploader is quick and easy. Each of the brokers has a unique file format and requires a slightly different process to generate/export. 

Below, you’ll find short guides for each of our 11 supported brokers.

Depending on the size of the portfolio file you’re uploading, it should only take a few minutes for Navexa to add the historical trade data to your account. 

You’ll see an email notification when the upload is complete.

Then, you’ll be able to use your Navexa account to browse all your historical trades and holdings.

This is the fastest way to add historical trade data to your Navexa account.

No matter what broker you’re with, start by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the Add Holding button next to your portfolio name in the Portfolio screen.

Then, click Import From Broker.

Choose your broker and follow the instructions — detailed below and in the Broker File Upload flow itself. 

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