How To Connect Your BTC Markets & Navexa Accounts

Navexa offers account integration for BTC Markets customers through the use of API keys. 

Linking your BTC Markets account means you can seamlessly and securely pull trade data from the exchange into your portfolio tracking account. 

This means not only can you view your portfolio performance analytics without having to manually add trade and transaction data — you can also run tax reports and scenario simulations with 100% accurate portfolio data direct from your BTC Markets account.

If you’re not familiar with API keys and integrations, read our guide before connecting your accounts.

Step 1: Go to the ‘Add Investments’ screen in your Navexa portfolio overview screen. See below:

Step 2: Select ‘Sync A Trading Account’.

Step 3: Select ‘BTC Markets’ from the list.

Step 4: Hit ‘Direct Account Link’ and you’ll see this screen:

Step 5: Complete the form.

  • Enter your read-only API key and private key
  • Give your account a nickname (if you like)
  • Select which portfolio in your Navexa account you want to pull the data into
  • Select whether to sync all your account data, or start from a certain dateRead our API keys guide.

Step 6: When you’ve correctly entered all your details in the form, hit ‘Link Account’.

And you’re done — your trades should show up in the next few minutes.

Please note: While Navexa’s BTC Markets integration has been working well since launch, future changes could cause issues and/or inaccuracies. We pride ourselves on making sure your portfolio tracking experience is a great one — so please reach out if you encounter any issues.

Email us at [email protected] or visit the community forum.

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