Tracking Staking Rewards

Staking rewards are an important component of your portfolio's performance.

The amount of reward you receive can have a significant impact on a holding's overall performance.

To add a staking reward in Navexa, follow these steps:

1. On the 'Overview' page, click into the holding you want to add the staking reward to.

2. Navigate to the 'Income' tab. Then click 'Add'.

3. Enter the details of your staking reward.

1. This is the type of income, select 'Staking'.

2. Set the date you received the staking reward.

3. Enter the amount of the coin you received.

4. This is the Fiat spot price at the time of receiving the reward.

5. Add any notes. This step is optional.

6. Once you are happy with the details. Click 'Add Income' to add the record.

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