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Add a Holding Manually
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You can easily add new holdings to your account one at a time.

Just follow these steps.

First, on your portfolio screen, click the ‘Add Holdings’ buttons shown on the screenshot below:

Then select 'Add Trade Data Manually'.

This will bring you to the Add Holding screen, where you’ll see four options for the type of holding you’d like to add.

Select from Stock/Security, Cryptocurrency, Cash Account and Unlisted Investment.

Depending on the type of holding you’re adding, you’ll need to enter different details.

Complete the fields for your holding — take care to ensure the details are correct so that your account displays you accurate tracking and analytics information.

When you’re done, click the ‘Add’ button at the bottom.

Then you’ll see a confirmation screen like the one below.

From here, you can click through to view the holding you’ve just created, add another holding, or view your portfolio.

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