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How To Add A Custom Investment To Your Account
How To Add A Custom Investment To Your Account
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Did you know you can add Custom Investments to your portfolio? In addition to ASX-listed and US stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and cash accounts, you can now add and track property, art — any ‘custom’ asset you’ve invested in but which doesn’t trade on traditional markets or exchanges. Here’s how it works…

Adding a Custom Investment is easy.

In your Portfolio or Overview screen, click ‘Add Holdings’.

Then click 'Custom Investment'.

This will open a form in which you can enter the attributes for your custom investment.

Simply enter the investment name, for example, ‘Investment Property’, enter the trade type, date, quantity and price.

You also have the options of entering brokerage cost and any notes you might want to attach to the holding.

Now you can view your custom holding in your portfolio and monitor all the same metrics you would with a stock in your account.

The only difference is you will need to manually update the pricing information in order for the platform to start providing analytics data on capital gain, total return and so on.

In the case of an investing app account like Spaceship, for example, you can add further buy and sell trades, and update holding value as and when it suits you.

Obviously, the more information you add to your custom investment over time, the better data your account can provide.

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