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Adding Crypto Holding Manually
Adding Crypto Holding Manually
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While we have more automated methods of syncing your crypto trades to your exchange, sometimes you need or want to do this manually.

Follow the below steps to add a crypto trade manually:

1. On the 'Overview' or 'Portfolio' page, click 'Add Holdings'.

2. Click 'Add Trade Data Manually'.

3. Click 'Cryptocurrency'.

4. Enter in the details of the crypto trade.

1. Enter the ticker symbol of the Cryptocurrency e.g. BTC, ETH etc.

2. Set the type of trade this is.

3. Enter the date of the trade.

4. Enter the quantity of the coin you received.

5. Enter the fiat price of the coin.

6. Enter the currency code you paid the fee in.

7. Enter the total of the trade fee.

8. Click 'Add Crypto' when you are ready to add this holding.

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