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Finding your API Keys
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In order to securely connect to your Crypto Exchange, Navexa requires a few special tokens called API Keys.

API keys are secure tokens that computers use to talk to each other. They are used verify that the computer who is asking for the data, is allowed to ask on your behalf. Kind of like a username and a password.

In order for Navexa to import trades from your exchange, you to generate a new API key from your Crypto Exchange account.

The steps and language vary depending on each, but the rough flow is:

  1. Log in to your Crypto Exchange

  2. Find the "API Integration" page

    1. This can be found on pages such as Security, Settings, or "API"

  3. Generate a new read-only API token. A few best practices:

    1. Create a new API token per integration. Do not reuse a token across multiple sites.

    2. Make the token read-only. This way if it is ever compromised, none of your funds/ assets are at risk.

      1. If your exchange does not provide this option, that is okay! Your tokens are securely stored in Navexa and will never be visible once set.

    3. Give the token a descriptive label (eg. Navexa Integration). This way you will know what it is being used for during future audits.

  4. Once generated, enter the API Key and the Private Key into the Integrations form on Navexa.

    1. We will validate the token, so you will know if it has worked

  5. You can now either save the token in a secure location, or discard it.

And you are good to go! Your trades should show up in the next few minutes.

Note: Not all exchanges return trades/ transactions the same way. Whilst Navexa endeavours to enter all your trade history accurately, it is not always available to us. If you think that some of your trades are missing or inaccurate, reach out to us at [email protected]

If you have questions about where these tokens can be specifically found on your exchange, please refer to your Exchange's FAQ/ Help pages.

If you have any questions or issues with the integrations, reach out via the feedback prompt at the bottom of the page, or email [email protected]..

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