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How to Confirm a Dividend
How to Confirm a Dividend
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Navexa will automatically calculate dividend payments on your stock holdings.

When a dividend payment is automatically calculated, it requires you to check the amount is correct and 'Confirm' it.

Confirming a dividend means the Navexa system will no longer update that record if other data changes. For example, editing a historical trade will no longer recalculate the dividend payment.

It is good practice to confirm all of your dividends so that you can generate your tax reports with confidence everything is correct.

How to know when dividends need confirming?

On the 'Overview' page, a green circle with a number in it, will appear when dividends need confirming.

The above screenshot is showing there are 4 dividends which need confirming on this 'NAB' holding.

How to confirm the dividends?

1. Navigate into the holding you wish to confirm dividends for and click the 'Income' tab.

You can see in the above screenshot, there are four arrows pointing to the 'Confirm' button for each dividend.

2. Click the 'Confirm' button on the dividends you wish to confirm.

How to 'Unconfirm' a dividend?

There might be an instance where you accidentally confirm a dividend.

In the above screenshot we have accidentally confirmed a dividend.

1. To change this, click the 'pencil' icon on the dividend.

2. At the bottom of the 'Edit Dividend' page, click the 'Reset' button.

3. Navigating back to the 'Income' tab, will show you it is ready to be confirmed once again.

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