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Capital Gains Tax Settings
Capital Gains Tax Settings
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The tax settings screen allows you to select the capital gains tax strategy for the given financial year.

It also allows you to set a tax strategy per holding in the portfolio.

Once you set your tax strategy, it will continue to apply until changed.

The four tax strategies available are FIFO, LIFO, Maximize Gain and Minimize Gain.

Read more about tax strategies here. (LINK)

To change your tax settings:

Step 1: Click ‘Tax Reporting’ in the top menu.

Step 2: Click ‘Capital Gains Tax’.

Step 3: Click ‘Tax Settings’.

This button is located on the top right corner of the Capital Gains Tax Report.

Step 4: Using the dropdown menus, select the tax strategy you would like to use.

The tax settings page will load the settings that the report is set to for the financial year when you click the ‘Tax Settings’ button.

Here, you can set the overall portfolio tax strategy.

You can also set individual tax strategies per holding.

All of these settings only apply to the financial year selected. They will not affect previous financial years.

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