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How To Create Custom Holding Groups
How To Create Custom Holding Groups
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On most pages in Navexa, there will be a grouping button, which allows you to change how holdings on the page are grouped.

On the 'Portfolio' page, this button is in the top right.

To add 'Custom Groups', click the button and select 'Manage Groups' at the bottom of the menu:

Custom Groups is exactly what it sounds like; a tool for creating customized groupings of holdings within your portfolio.

In practice, using this tool means you can create additional classifications of investments on top of the standard ones like ‘exchange’, ‘sector’, ‘industry’ and so forth.

You might want to group your holdings in another way. And that’s where Custom Groupings will help.

Once you click ‘Custom Groupings’, you’ll come through to this page:

This is where you name your group and create the categories within it.

Click the three dots next to the category name to edit or delete that category.

Click ‘Add Category’ to set up additional categories within the group.

Once you’ve set up the categories you need, just use the round buttons to select which one you’d like each holding classified within.


Say I want to look at my portfolio’s holdings based on market cap.

I’d create a group called something like ‘Market Cap’.

Then I’d create the categories. Perhaps ‘$1B plus’, ‘$500m-$1B’ and ‘Minus $500m’.

I’d select the appropriate category for each holding.

Then, I’d click ‘Save Changes’ next to the Group name.

View The Group On The Portfolio Page

Once you’ve created a new group and classified your holdings within it, make sure you save it before leaving the page (Navexa will warn you if you’ve not saved your Group settings).

Then, on the portfolio page, scroll down to the holdings list and select the ‘Group By’ dropdown menu.

Your new group will appear under the Custom Groups nesting. Just select it and you’ll be able to view your holdings list with your new custom grouping classifications applied.

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