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Tracking Crypto
Tracking Crypto-to-Crypto Trades
Tracking Crypto-to-Crypto Trades
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Tracking crypto to crypto trades or coin swaps in Navexa is easy.

In this example, we have a position in ETH and we have traded some of that ETH for BTC.

Because we do no currently own any BTC, we need to add a new BTC holding.

1. Click 'Add Holdings' at the top of the 'Overview' or 'Portfolio' page.

2. Click 'Add Trade Data Manually'.

3. Click 'Cryptocurrency'.

4. Fill in the appropriate fields with the details of the trade.

1. Enter BTC here as it is the new coin we are receiving for the trade.

2. Set the trade type to 'Trade'.

3. Set the date of the trade.

4. Enter the amount of the coin you recieved.

5. Select the crypto that you traded for this.

6. Enter the quantity of the crypto you traded.

7. Enter the coin or fiat currency you paid the fee in.

8. Set the amount you paid for the fee.

9. Click 'Add Crypto' when you are done.

5. Navigate to the 'Overview' page and you'll see we now have 2 holdings.

6. Click on one of the holdings and navigate to the 'Trades' tab.

In here you will see the trade that came from our ETH holding.

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