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Using the ETF Distributions Pro-Rata Tax Form
Using the ETF Distributions Pro-Rata Tax Form
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ETFs are a popular method of cost-effective diversification.

However, with that simplification comes a complex tax reporting burden.

While ETF distributions are similar to dividends, they come with extra reporting requirements in the form of tax components.

At the end of each financial year, the ETF provider will release a final year statement that has various tax reporting implications.

We have built a way for you to input this data into Navexa and have it correctly applied across the year’s distributions for ETF holdings.

Using the ETF distributions pro-rata tax form

Once you have your final year statement for a particular ETF holding, navigate to the ‘Taxable Income Report’.

Find this in the top navigation bar, under Tax Reporting, then Taxable Income.

Then scroll down to the ‘Trust Income’ section.

Find the holding you want to update and click the ‘Enter Statement Components’ button next to that holding.

This will launch the distribution's pro-rata form.

From your ETF statement, fill in each field where applicable and the yearly value will be applied across all the distributions for that year.

Once you are finished click the ‘Save Updated Distributions’ button.

Back in the Taxable Income Report, you will see all the fields next to each distribution have been populated correctly.

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