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The Local Currency Toggle
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When investing in foreign stocks, understanding the currency impact on your investments is very important.

However sometimes you want to evaluate your investments in their local currency, so you can compare apples with apples.

On the Portfolio page, you can toggle the holdings list to show local currency. This removes the currency gain calculation and displays each investment in its local currency.

How to activate 'Local Currency' mode.

In order to view in local currency mode, click the currency button at the top right of the holdings list.

Then select 'Local $'.

This will then switch the holdings list to show holdings in their local currency. Currencies that are different to the portfolio base currency will be indicated with the first letter of the currency code.

Holdings with the same currency as the portfolio will not show a currency code:

The overall Portfolio values at the top of the overview page will be displayed in the base currency of the portfolio and will include currency changes factored in.

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