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The Benchmark Analysis Report
The Benchmark Analysis Report
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The Benchmark Analysis report is a very powerful feature in Navexa.

It allows you to compare the performance of your portfolio, with the selected benchmark.

This allows you to see if you are beating, what you deem as a viable alternative investment.

People will often use a benchmark like the S&P500 to see if their own portfolio beats the market.

The page is made up of four main sections.

  1. The component breakdown section: This shows you each component of your return, like capital gains and income return, compared with the benchmark.

  2. This is the performance chart: that shows you (depending on which metric above you have selected) how your performance is tracking compared to the benchmark over time.

  3. Outperformers section: This panel shows you all the holdings, that are currently outperforming the benchmark.

  4. Underperformers section: This panel shows you all the holdings, that are currently underperforming the benchmark.

Note for both the outperformers and underperformers sections, you can change how these are viewed in two distinct ways.

  1. Changing the grouping selector in the top right of the page, to 'Sectors' for example, will show you which sectors are over or under performing.

  2. The metric you have selected to view in section (1) whill change how the over and under performers are measured. If you select 'Income Return' then they will be calculated based off just the income component.

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