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How to Share Your Tax Reports With Your Accountant
How to Share Your Tax Reports With Your Accountant
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Once you have all of your tax reports prepared, you may want to share them with your accountant.

Your accountant will then be able to use these reports to help with filing your tax return.

To do this there are two methods.

#1 Export tax reports to PDF

Once your tax reports are ready, you can export these reports to a PDF.

This PDF will have all the information about your tax strategies, capital gains, and investment income.

In order to get the PDF, inside both the CGT and income tax reports, in the top right corner is an ‘export to PDF’ button which looks like this:

Clicking that will generate and download the PDF for the report.

#2 Share your portfolio with your accountant

This method is quicker than downloading and sending a PDF file to your accountant.

Once you have shared a portfolio with your accountant, they can log in to Navexa and view the portfolio with ‘read only’ access.

This allows them to run the various reports themselves and also get a better understanding of your investment as a whole. They won’t be able to enter or edit trades.

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