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Performance Calculation Settings
Performance Calculation Settings
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Navexa's calculation engine was built to give investors an accurate and powerful way to see their investment returns.

We have built in a few settings which allows you to customize how you view your performance.

To get to the calculation settings follow the below steps.

1. in the 'Portfolio Selector' menu, click the 'settings' link.

2. Then click the 'Calculation Settings' tab. This will show you the calculation settings for your current selected portfolio.

There are 4 different calculation settings you can change.

1) Annualize Returns: When this setting is set to 'No' you will get a cumulative return instead of an annualized one.

2) Include Cash Positions: When this setting is set to 'Yes' then any cash account balances will factor into the overall performance calculation.

3) Calculation method: There are two options here, Simple and Compound (CAGR).

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