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Connect Navexa and Interactive Brokers (IBKR)
Connect Navexa and Interactive Brokers (IBKR)
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For customers of Interactive Brokers, Navexa provides a method to integrate your accounts, to keep your trade data in Navexa up to date.

Enable the IBKR feed for Navexa

To enable the feed for Navexa, you need to email IB requesting the feed.

1. Send an email to: [email protected], include your IBKR account # and request the Navexa feed and historical file.

2. IB will provide you with the FTP credentials. You will then provide us (Navexa) with the credentials as shown in the next steps.

Link your IBKR account with Navexa

Once you have received your FTP credentials from IBKR, follow the next steps to link your IBKR account with Navexa:

1. Click 'Add Holdings' on the 'Overview or Portfolio Page'.

2. Click 'Import from Broker/Account'.

3. Search for Interactive Brokers and then click on the item when it appears.

4. Click on 'Direct Account Link'.

5. Enter your details to link your account:

1. Enter your IBKR account number that you are linking. (If you have multiple accounts, you will need to repeat this process for each one).

2. Enter the FTP username that IB will have sent you via email.

3. Enter the FTP password that IB will have sent you via a seperate email.

4. Optionally name this account link so you can identify it later.

5. Set which portfolio you want the trades to be inserted.

6. Set from what date you would like to import trade history from.

7. Click 'Link Account' one you are ready to link.

Initial sync of trade data

IBKR deliver us your trade files once a day. Once received Navexa will process the files and update your trades.

This process can take up to 24 hours from once you have done the link.

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