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Sync Your Stock Broker Account
Sync Your Stock Broker Account
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Navexa allows you to setup an integration between your broker and Navexa.

When you link your trading account with Navexa, we will retrieve the last 12 months of data (where possible). Then, every new trade you do with your broker will be synced into your Navexa account.

To link your broker account to Navexa, follow the below steps:

1. Click 'Add Holdings' at the top of the 'Portfolio' or 'Overview' screen.

2. Click 'Import From Broker/Account'.

3. Select your broker from the list

4. Enter your Credentials for your Broker Account

5. Select Accounts to be linked and click 'Save'

6. Set which Portfolios you want each account to link too

7. That's it!

After about 5 minutes, your trades from the last 1 year will be synced into your account. Every time you do a new trade with your broker, it will now we synced into Navexa.

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