The Portfolio File Uploader is a tool you can use to upload all of your holdings and trades at once. It’s perfect for adding lot of data to your portfolio.

The Portfolio File Importer currently only works for adding stocks to your account.

Using the Portfolio File Uploader

1. Navigate to the Portfolio page and click the dropdown menu next to ‘Add Holding’ at the top left.

2. Click ‘Import Portfolio File’.

You can upload your .csv or .tsv file (1 in the image below) — make sure your file has one record per row.

Alternatively, you can enter your data manually using the template on the page (2).

If you’re uploading a file, you’ll come through to this screen, where you need to confirm the column mapping for your file.

Correct any mapping errors (in the example below, you can see one of the sell trades has been entered incorrectly and needs to be changed) and then click ‘Confirm mapping’.

1 and 2 in the image show that you’re mapping the correct columns. 3 shows where to confirm the mapping.

Then, click ‘Review’.

You’ll then see this screen:

After checking all the rows are complete and free from errors, and all your trade data is accounted for, click ‘Continue’ and then confirm by clicking ‘Yes’ in the pop-up module.

When you’re done, you’ll find all the historical trade data you’ve uploaded in the portfolio you added it to.