If you’ve not seen it yet, we recommend checking out your Navexa account’s Portfolio Contributions Report.

Your Portfolio Contributions Report is a powerfully visual way to get a sense of how your portfolio’s individual holdings are contributing to your performance. 

An individual holding’s ‘contribution’ can be positive or negative. And, of course, everything is relative. In any portfolio you’ll have a highest and lowest performing holding. Everything else will fall between. 

To find your Portfolio Contributions Report, go to the ‘Reports’ tab in your account’s navigation bar. 

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Once you’re in, select the parameters and groupings for your report using the menus along the top of the report. 

Choose from pre-defined date ranges, or set your own custom date range. Group your report according to the standard options, or any custom holding groupings you’ve set up. 

Once you’ve done this, click ‘Filter’ to generate the report. 

You’ll see something like this:

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In the example above, you can see the four holdings represented as coloured bars. For the time range selected, three are showing positive returns in green — the one in red is showing a negative return. 

The numbers inside the coloured bars are the net dollar return of the respective holdings within the portfolio. 

This example shows that BTC is by far contributing the most to the portfolio performance. WEB is contributing the least. 

Below the chart, you can see a table displaying more details on each holding. This table ranks the holdings in order from best to worst performer, and shows the capital gain, dividend return and currency gain of each. 

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