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Automating Cash Transactions
Automating Cash Transactions
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As part of tracking your cash position, it can be tedious and time consuming to manually record every transaction into your cash account.

That's why we've automated the process of tracking transactions that result from a trade or dividend payment.

To enable the automation follow the below steps:

1. Ensure you have created a Cash Account (How to add a cash account)

2. Navigate to the settings of the portfolio you wish to enable automation for.

2a) Go to 'Manage Portfolios' from the 'Portfolio Selector' menu.

2b) Click the 'Actions' button on the portfolio, then select 'Settings'.

3. In portfolio settings, set the Cash Account Settings.

'Trades Cash Account' allows you to set which cash account you would like the transactions from trades to be populated into.

'Payouts Cash Account' allows you to set which cash account you would like transactions from dividends to be populated into.

'Settlement Date Adjustment Schedule' This allows you to set the settlement time of buy and sell trades. Which will enable cash transactions to be entered on the day you would receive them.

4. Click 'Save' to continue.

From here, every new trade you do or dividend you receive, a corresponding transaction will be created in your cash account.

Sync Historical Trades and Dividends

Now your automation is setup, you can tell Navexa how far back to populate cash transactions from.

1. Navigate to the Cash Account in the Holdings List on the Portfolio screen.

2. Once inside the cash account, click the 'Actions' menu in the top right and select 'Manage Sync Automation'

4. In the popup window, set the date you want the transaction sync to begin from and then click 'Sync'.

Navexa will now go back through all of your trades and dividends and populate this cash account with the corresponding transactions.

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