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Adding Investment Data
Adding Your First Investments
Adding Your First Investments
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Adding Your First Investments

To start using the portfolio tracker, you need to add investments into your account.

We’ve made this as simple as possible, by first generating you a portfolio called ‘Main Portfolio’.

The platform supports multiple portfolios on our paid plans.

From here there are multiple ways of adding your investments:

  • Add a Holding Manually — This is perfect if you only have a small number of investments to add.

  • Use the Spreadsheet File Uploader — Upload multiple holdings at once. This is the best method to use if you have a large number of investments to add to your account.

  • Use the Broker File Uploader - Upload your specific broker file to Navexa. This method requires no file changes, just download from your broker and upload into Navexa.

After you have added your investments, you can start using your account for performance tracking, dividend return performance, benchmarking, tax reporting and more (some features are only available on our paid plans and in certain territories).

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